Seed Karma

It consists string of events,

It chains us with opportunities,

Those opportunities shape ones life,

It also chains us with Karma,

which interweaves destinies;


We meet other souls,

We cheer with them,

We smile with them,

We shed tears with them,

We share our destinites with them,

We call them friends or we call them enemies;


Unconsciously, we have plowed the seed of happiness and sorrow.

Without considering the fact that sooner or later people will leave each other,

We unite with them;

We cultivate love and hatred,

We approach fulfillment and avoid regret,



By the blow of wind, along the beat of rain drops,

The blessing of sunshine,

The seed grows into a undeniable entrammelling tie.

Wether we desire it or not,

 we have ensnared ourself with the net we stitched by our very own hand.


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