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Someone was telling me that I only use people. I know not many people speak to me in such a straight forward manner. But is that what others perceive me? 

I do care everyone that surround me. It is true that I don’t spend very long time with people. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about them. Because time is the thing I don’t even have enough for my sleep…I understand who are the people I can rely on and I always believe time is the best way to view a person completely. No body is perfect. I just want to know the full picture of a person before I build my friendship with them.

I always believe that different people have different ability and skills in the world because they all have been assigned at one place to form the balance. One needs to understand oneself: advantage, shortcoming, personality, good & evil. Based on one’s skills, we define our value. The cognitive pattern will be constructed. I do choose my friends carefully and patiently. Especiall those that can withstand the test of time.


‘if you had another chance to choose, would you choose me?’ The guy in stories always wanted to ask this most useless question. Too many ‘ifs’, those ‘ifs’ give nothing but anxiety and illusions. It is very true that I have tried my best to forget. But I understand I am just keeping telling myself things that I don’t believe at all. Morning, evening, whenever I get up, whatever I do, happiness, laughter, bitterness, jealousy are all from one place…

True love is to be encountered, but not to be found. Maybe it is only a matter of time, I would encounter another one. I know it is always better to face the problem straight, unfortunately, it is just so hard. Deep within, it is still so precious and valuable. You afraid you might lose the tiny hope you hold now…


I have experience many and realised many recently. You can say that I have gained my widsom:). Actually, the more I grow up, the more I doubt whether being intellect is a bless or a curse (boasting, hehe). Now it is a critical time for me to define my path of life. Where am I going to place myself in the future? Which role should I play on the stage of life? It is very important to chose the right way when we are young. Because many things, once it went wrong, there would be no turning back any more…

Despite which road I am going to choose, it is very always true that the skills that I am developing now can give me more choices in the future.


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