A world of black & white, simple and complicate. It is the coexist created the balance.


People always need to talk to others. There are things people need to share with others. It helps to deal with stresses and maintain the balance of life. You never know when your friends will need you. The more time you spend with your friends, there are times they will share you what they think. It made you feel good that someone trust you and place their faith in you.

Most of the times, it is not very necessary to give any golden advices but it is important to be a listener. I don’t talk about others at their back, or intentionaly ruin someone’s reputation by backstabe and slander. But I do always listen to people’s complaints. One of my best friends just told me some of his secrets. I found it is just so similar with my own. However, as the more time I spend in my life, one become less enthusiastic to certain things anymore. Life has taught one nothing but to move forward. It is very true that one can talk with many girls with ease. But when you are in front of the girl you like, your brain seems strangled. You fumble so hard to say something but find all your intelligence and smoothness of our tougue have vanished. It happens with many of my friends…yes, I have to admit, it happens on me too…


There is also a difference between my mindset and others. He was explaining to me how he maintain a balance of giveth and receives. He counts how much others have given to him and based on which he counts how much he will bestow. I don’t feel that is how people deal with their life. I think people meet each other because of karma. I never count how much I have given. I do things because I love doing them. I do things for others, I help them, but I never expect anything in return. I never consider it as an exchange of doing. I do many things for others, but believe me I never feel them own me anything. Don’t take me wrong, I am not a savior at all. I don’t help others for no reason. And bet what, if I don’t like doing it, it will show.


I was not happy with something happened recently. I was blinded with my anger and wanted to do something stupid. Thanks to you, I have brought my rationale back. Instead of stupidity, I spend time to analyze the reason behind everything. Again It comes back to the same question, where should I place myself? What values to me more?


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