Some Understanding of Superman or Wonderwomen

  • If you are not intelligent enough, you need to have enough confidence;
  • If you are not beautiful enough, you need to master makeup;
  • To be beautiful of your life, not for anyone, but to have the best for your limited life;
  • If someone loved you but married now tells you, you are still the life love for him/her. You need to say: please live your life. By saying so, you are respecting 3 people in the world, including yourself;
  • Being kind is a miracle, especially towards children and old parents;
  • Never torture yourself for others, like not eating, crying, not sleeping, hurting oneself mentally¬†or physically, only rattlebrains do them;
  • How is she treating her parents, is how she will treat you in the future;
  • If you are heart broken, there are only two possibilities: either you love her but she doesn’t love you, or vise versa; If the one you love doesn’t love you anymore, or never loved you, you do not have any regret. For you have only lost someone who doesn’t love you, but she lost someone loves her;
  • One needs to have its own value and life, being flexible but integrate.
  • Hardwork, it may not bring you heart heap like love; but it brings you food, house, clothes, which capricious love can not.
  • It is romantic to hold someone’s hand and wandering on the street; but if you are alone, still smile and enjoy the moments;
  • Believe in first sight love, believe in karma, believe that someone is waiting for you somewhere, then you will always enjoy sunshine in your life!

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