Review of Birds without Wings


The War

The two crusades, the jihad, millions of life, thousands miles of wreckage, graven hatred, notorious crimes…The Greeks, Ottoman, French, German, Russian, British, Indian, Arab, Christian, Jews, Muslim, do they really have so much dispute that must be washed by crimson blood? Or is it because of greediness of several individuals? And finally, history have remembered heroes, but not those nameless bones left behind those glories. I know I am no one to comment the meaning of wars. It very much amazes me that although so many regretted for the war and put oath to end it, but there is not one single day on earth we existed without war. When are we truly unite, as many great leaders claimed that be brothers and sisters?

Or history moves and reproduce as if we are just players on a big stage, seems there is an invisibale wheel  drive us, lead us, allure us.

War, is for generations to remember.

The Religion

It was such an untouched land, peaceful and simple. Religions can coexist. Although people possess different faith, that has nothing to reduce their humanity. Evil and demon are the enemy of every good human being, irrespective of your complexion, your language, your sex, your belief. Or if there is any, is the ungodly desires from individuals. Religions relieve people from their horror and pain; they will still have a hope even in the most desperate situation. It has been always positively promoted our civilization. But the love for god is so pure, it is so defenseless that many misused it…

The civilization has cultivated great tolerance for different values. It has granted each of us unprecedented freedom. One least good thing the new century brought us.


Friends from childhood, the bird whistle, goat bleat, war, soldier, red wolf, pottery to the time he becomes the only letter writer in the town with his left hand. It is a relationship they have cherished for their whole life. It is the memories counted like diamond during the last days of one’s life. It is very difficult for two people to meet, but there is nothing more precious than to have someone know you, someone understand you.

The Love

Philothei, the legendary beauty are accompanied with great misfortune. Ibrahim and her would have been happily married if it was not because of the war. We try our best, but not blame anyone for the result. Let the wind carry the rest for you! Do everything to hold your persistence except hurting yourself. with If you want me to compare Philothei to Panagia, the latter one is far more better.

The Death

The most interesting part of his book is the description of death.

People die of drown, of dysentery, of sickness, the details of each moment as if he had experienced it himself. The final separation of mind and body marked the sign of death. Death of extreme agony. It is quite impressive or we’d better say scary…

Anyway, who can prove it?


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