Review of Howl’s Moving Caslte


Another master piece, as usual, tactically, Hayao San had touched our heart with his exceptional passion and imagination.

A normal girl who works in a hat shop; a great magician, powerful, arrogant, handsome and a lady killer; Very unlikely, their destinies interweaved in the world of vanity, war, hatred, greed and beautiful flowers.

During most of the screenplay, the main character is an old Granny. She has been cursed, very much like Porco in Porco Rosso. But don’t take me wrong, the appearance never undermined the likeability of the character; in contrast, the unusual setting of characters engraved bigger print in our memory.

Enslaved devil, rubble-demon like moving castle, little boy (girl?) wizard, evil overweighed and ugly wizard; werecrow, aggressive, violent, (hilarious:)) Howl; brave, lovely Sophie. And a house with 4 gates, each of which leads to different worlds. A beautiful flower field, burning battle ground and the middle of a bazaar is only one door away from each other. (Really want to have one like that)

Everyone has a dream. Ambitious people will have the desire to overcome all problems and difficulties to make dreams true. However, haunted by the eagerness of success and achievement, people always compromise their morality towards devil. There are times people does not have a choice (do it or die); but most of the time, greedy and power thirsty erode the morality. Or maybe I should not use the word ‘erode’. Because many conducts have been generally accepted nowadays which would have faced tremendous negative opinion decades ago? Idealism has been countered ruthlessly by harsh reality. If being morally counted but failed, if stand out against evil and failed, it is no use. Or is it?

Many values takes decades, or scores of decades to build; great value were inherited to us from thousands of years. With our civilization growing rapidly, great, but usually long term values are been eradicated and corrupted. Because people are more keen on fast food :). Returns tomorrow seem far more appealing than returns after one year.

Is ‘fast food’ always good for health? The purity, the trueness, the selfless love, the determination, loyalty, are those value becoming valueless now? Or we are becoming valueless now?

Always love Hayao Miyazaki and his movies.


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