Zindagi, in Hindi, it means ‘Life’.

I have finally watched the renowned Hindi movie, ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’. I was longed to watch the master piece of Shah Rukh Khan. For the song ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ was the very first hindi song that attracted me. Like the song, It was a wonderful movie.

There is obvious a different taste of entertainment and culture value from that of China. However, those differences do not compromise the true genius of the movie.

Hilarious scenes, practical jokes, lots of dance, rich meanings, laughter, tears, many cares and true selfless love. Both Aman and Rohit played very well in the movie. I like their spirit of life, energetic and determined. Aman had only few days to live, but he used his spirit to influence each and every person surround him. The most courage one can have is the courage to embrace death. And that is the most beautiful one.

"Live your life to the fullest, tomorrow may not come"

Live as if everyday is the last day of your life; it also carries another meaning: live as if everyday is an extra gift from god. I remember the question I played long time back, ‘if tomorrow is the end of the world, what will you do today?’ Most people wanted to try the things they have never done before, something exciting but never got the courage to face the consequences. We have many responsibilities. We just have too much to give everything our best try. We are too scared of losing. However,destiny always favor those who are bold and determined. None of the answer really showed the appreciation of our life.

Everyday is a gift. Everyday you get up to see the sunrise, to breathe the air after rain, to hear the finch sing, is a miracle. Appreciate every moment in one’s life, we need to have meaning to every second. It is a shame we do not cherish them. But don’t have empty dreams. Don’t say that we are going to achieve this and that, we are going to save the world etc. Start doing small things yet reachable around oneself. 

We can surely influence the people surround us. That is a great achievement. Share a bit of your care and love to those who needed. One may only help a few. But those few being influenced will go on and spread the spirit to hundreds of people. And the hundreds of people will go on and spread the love with thousand of people. We should feel proud that we were one of them.


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