Hey, many days have been passed, so many things happened. Too many that I don’t know where I should start. Well, let me collect my thoughts and present them meaningfully:

Being childish and innocent
It was a really nice chat with Zeina. She is a small sister of one of my classmate. She was a very lovely and cute girl. Clearly eye, with an easy smile, like a flower, she has got all the elements ever hoped for a small young girl. Like we always do when we were young, we tend to play cool, to pretend mature, and to crave for wise and intelligent. And people who are older tend to be generous and kind towards their young peer’s excessive energy. We were joking around, making fun of each other; laughing at silly gestures and sound. I have profoundly enjoyed. You feel delighted by the innocence and pureness. It recalled my childhood. there were nothing surround me but heaven full of chocolate, people all like angels. A kind, generous, harmonized environment is so vital for children’s growth. I realized it now that when I was small people who said nice things about me were just being nice to me. It is nice of being mature and wise. But in the process of growth we lost our simple happiness.

Final Fantasy 8
Just had a chance to play the game recently. It was a master piece of work as all the other FF series do. Many of the elements could barely be understood when one was small can really strike some resonates now. I love the small town of Winhill. Quiet and peaceful, you have just the things that you need in a small town life, nothing more, and nothing less. A small town for Laguna, Reina and Ellone (by the way, Zeina is very much alike the small Ellone). I like the spirit of Laguna (resembles Ling Hu Cong). Fortunately, the story has given him all that one man can dream for: two life time friends, a lovely heart and brave son. He has been a soldier, a journalist, traveler, a movie star, and even president! I really love to be like the journalist part, travel the world and write them down.

After all the limelight and luxury, a normal soldier and the president does not have any difference in their endings. What remains is their barebone and the memory within people’s heart. Destiny does not give people much choice. The invisible hand recklessly maneuver the wheel of destiny, brings one up and down. There are different types of people in the world. Different interests, different beliefs.

And the love story of Squall and Riona. Riona may not be that type of girl I like, but Squall resembles me very much. Well, don’t take me wrong I am not that shy. But I am quite passive in certain aspects of my life.

End of Yesterday
Hey! I have finally written a "full stop" to my story. Well, I feel very much relieved and happy that I have finally told her what I wanted to tell her for such a long time. She was a lovely girl, tender, understanding (?), caring and intelligent. I really liked her so much.

Anyway, I knew what I was expecting. I didn’t know it still felt bad when you read it. For the past 2 years and a half, I had every minutes of it, either with bitterness or with sweetness, I have no regrets. From today onwards, I need to focus more on some other parts of life. The world is lot more competitive than I have prepared for. It needs real skills and determination to meet the challenge.

New (s)
I have got many new friends. I have to work with many people I don’t like. I have to work with people I know they don’t like me. I have lost a competition. I have taken more responsibility than my capability. I have started salsa class (really enjoyed). I have made and redefined my short term goal. I have met people really competitive. When put you on the stage, there is only a cold blooded arena, you got to give all you have. Any incompetence will be eliminated mercilessly.

Need to work harder.

كل انسان فصة
لا تطابق ايفسة احرة
(show off my Arabic, here)


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