As year goes by, flowers are still the same…

second time for SNF now, like most of other "haunted" place for me, it
triggers memories. You get really surprised that memories resurface from somewhere
in your brain that you thought you have abandoned long ago.

conscious mind trying, and trying so hard to suppress them, it is like trying
to push a balloon under water, those efforts are only in vain. Images, voices,
laughter, the touch of the skin, the smile all flash back, makes you happy that
you had those great time. But at the same time, it makes you feel sad that you
know they will never happen again.

The old Chinese
proverb says:

As year
goes by, flowers are still the same; But as
year goes by, people will never be the same.

It is a
very strange feeling. You feel that you have lost something, but you can’t tell
what you that is. You just wish that time can be turned back.
Have I
already made up my mind? Then what is this feeling about? What are all those in
my mind now? $#$%@! Just can’t help it. At this moment I do miss her so much. I
miss each and every minute I have shared with her. I will not forget them. I
will carry them with me, because it will always be part of my life.

games are still the same; the bikes are shining as one year before. There are
new friends surround, lots of fun and joys. The difference is that I don’t feel
the same excitement I had before. I sit on the counter, worked and left,
without playing anyone of them.  

magic show that was my first time to participate and made myself a fool in
front of tens of people (lol).  My brain
was too big to fit any of the helmets and the guy was ready to kick it. (LOL)…
Let them be then, great feelings with great people.

going to chase my big dreams now. I have set my goal and I will achieve them
step by step.


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