I Wish You Were Here


I wish I am stronger, so I can bear the hurt;

I wish I am forgetful, so the memory will no longer last;

I wish I can give it up, then I can embrace a brand new start.

I wish I become blind, so I can no longer see the smile;

I wish I become deaf, so I can no longer hear the letter;

I wish I have no sense, so I can no longer sniff the perfume smell;

Then the distance and time will eventually mend the wound.

I know I can only wish,

The more I wish, the more I realize my foolish.

I know I won’t stop wishing, because those wishes can never become true,

but I know I am a fool.

The past has deeply engraved,

the destinies are forever interwoven;

I wish you are online;

I wish you talk to me longer;

I wish every time I am with you, I can hide my feeling better.

I wish logic can guide me the path,

but passion covered my judiciousness.

I mumble your name in my dreams,

I hear the laughter chanting over my ears,

I see the smile flashing in front of my eyes.

I wish you know,

that I am wishing here,

I wish one day I need to wish no more..


The first poem i wrote long, long back; Just loved it. It is true that everyone is poet if he is in love. Hehe


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