The Future is Unlimited, So Do the Past


Anything on earth, however small, trivia, or worthless, deserves a right to live. They all have their ambitions and dreams.

However, the world has been controlled by a few powerful figures. And in most of the time, their priority has been far outweighed than those from others. The natural of selection defined that only those with power can realize their dream and ambition. The stronger one gets to survive; the weaker one gets eliminated.

As life goes on we arm ourselves. We build defense wall of caution, we color our face with masks, in order to protect ourselves or achieve what we want. This is cognitive learning and most of us realize ourselves through it. The pity of the cognitive process is that one day we realize that we can no longer find ourselves. We have caged ourselves in. With all the masks, responsibilities, there is no way back. Even we are about to off the cliff, there is other way around but move forward. Both of them have chosen the way of their life, and because they have been in too deep, there is no turning back anymore.

Hatred and love, they do not come one day. It was augmented through time, tension and caring. It always makes people go so extreme that nothing else matters. The meaning of life has reduced to love and hate someone or something.

People doesn’t know how to express their emotions at the right time to the right person. And because they miss that opportunity, it may become a life regret. He chose to stay by her all the time. Under the gun point, without a second thought, he protected her with his own life. But he is always quiet and silent, until the last moment. Even though he was like her father, ruthless and extreme consequentialist, at that moment, he moved moved spontaneously to protect her, that is the real him. The one with passion, with care, the nature of human.

The professor said, impressed by the debris of ancient civilization, ‘future is unlimited, so do the past’. The thing we know are so limited by our time and space. The science we have today, the foundation of our civilization is based on so many assumptions that can never be proven.

An old detective anime from 1992, 15 years now, it is still one of my favorite.


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