Do You Believe in Soulmate


"If there is a soulmate for everyone?"

There are gifted people around us. Whether you want to accept or deny, those talents are most seen in music, literature, singing, painting and creative works; sometimes they can also be found in personalities, public speaking and other social skills. You feel in awe when you meet them. That type of innate skill, however practice will never match.


Will there be something called soulmate? Will there be an invisible and unbreakable link between people? Couple of days back, inspired by Natasha’s song, I started an interesting topic ‘do you believe in soul mate"? Some of my friends told me positive, while others were negative (actually, those positive are mostly in love, and those negative are mostly single, hehe, well, there is a topic of another day). Do we have something that were created to link people before we were born? Like the talent that was gifted to individual before their birth?

Being the successful rate of marriage is declining while material prosperity grow, more people are becoming incredulous about true love or soul mate. Positively or passively, many were indulged or compromised to "fast food" like love. It comes fast, enjoy for as long as a flashlight, then went off. It is true that love hurts people, and it hurts really deep and bad. It hurts right into the bottom of your heart. But is that also the very proof that we have "love"? Human are far from a mere objective observer. We are not always rational as many economic theory claimed to be.

I still want to believe that there is true love. I believe there are soulmates in that are like two side of a coin. It is a feeling, a feeling with beating heart. You will know it once you encounter it.

However, gifted people are not always successful; soulmates may not end up together. The world is very strange. We may gifted with something that has nothing to do with our final destination. It still counts on our personality and attitudes toward our life. Gifted people has an advantage over an average opponents, but opportunity and hardwork are still counted to be significant elements. There aren’t anyone that born to be special to you, you need to make them special. However what happened before, everyday is a new start that is full of surprises. It worth your full effort to explore it.


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