Life is a train

Life is like a train
It never stops,
It runs slow, it runs fast,
It turns, it moves straight,
However it moves, there is only one direction: forward;

Souls chart through days and nights,
Ups and downs compose the line,
Days are brimmed with sunshine and hope,
Nights are torn by thunderbolt and mishap,
Gleeful birds chant along the beautiful county,
Gloomy cloud shadows lifeless hollowness;

It never prejudices,
Everyone has a ticket,
It travels along all happiness and sorrow,
It always brings new things,
It leads us to our destiny;

We happen to sit alone at times,
Sooner or later, someone is going to sit aside with us,
Short or long, someone will accompany our lives,
Silently, the karma seed sprout under your feet,
And eventually entangles many destinies;

For every dropping sand from the hourglass,
There is no return,
For the fastest super computer or the most intelligent mathematician,
No future has ever drawn with absolute certainty,
Every day is a gift,
Live your life to the fullest,
Leave no regret!

When I think of you,
I found you everywhere in my life,
Time has accompanied us for three years,
But not until recently, do I realize that you were the one painted color in my life,
Not until recently, do I realize how important you are to me,

Rose is a flower;
It stays couple of days,
But the memories of you has the power,
That they will stay forever with me…

Make new friends in your life,
But keep the old ones too,
One is silver and the other is gold!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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