Time to Move On…

In the picture, I have formally handed over the office to the next president of Connexionz club…

It is always with complex feelings for me to leave one place, especially a place I had belonged to, a place I have devoted to.

The excitement of anticipating my new role in life mixed with the sadness of leaving the old one. The emotion is particularly strong when I am typing this email, because I am departing from a place I have started, raised and lived for the past one and half years.

Regarding the Connexionz club, I have mentioned it many times earlier, so I won’t repeat anymore. Words can never fully convey the knowledge and experience I have gained from Connexionz. It was historical and magnificent.

Life is More Than Who We Are.

The impact it has imprinted on my life, the people around, the environment, at this particular time and for the past, left profound echoes and implication. I am grateful. I believe in my dream and destiny. I will continue to pursue all the meaning behind everything in my life, with full heart and soul.

Xiaotong Yang

Founder & President (2006-2007)


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