A Possibility

Is there really a possibility? Or maybe this is an illusion again. Even it is really there, it is a quite elusive one. It pains, deeply. I might be waiting for something there was never there. The funny part is that, it is a snake again (Seems rat can never escape from a snake, hehe, superstitious). Or maybe the expectations are set too high to be attained, one destined to be hurt. But the fact is that, several compromises were made upon the reality; however, even the compromised expectation was not met. That makes all the more bad, and depressed.

This time it is very different. I have never done what I am doing now to pursuit a possibility. I become very aggressive rather than passive. I have also learnt that I am quite sensitive. I actually think too much about what people say and why the way people behave. Anyway, adhere to my promise, I will be waiting until the season of rose. Then I will find out if it is possibility or a stupidity in stubbornness.


How many friends will still stay in touch after 5 years? At times, I was just wondering. Does it that a friendship worth nothing for people other than a temporary emotional needs, or that reality doesn’t allow people to think for anything other than themselves. In one’s life, there might only be one or two real friends. Real friends that one can count on at times of need. People understand each other and care for each other. It is a time that we don’t even know the people neighboring to us. How else can we expect? I have made a list of people, whom I think, may still stay in touch with each other in 5 years. Let me see how true it is.


It is truly an intellectual concept. It guides one well. It is true for work as it is for love. Once a goal has been set, one can make any sacrifice in order to fulfill that dream. It deters any other indulgence and desires. If one determined to do something, nothing on Earth can stop him/her. It is good to have a target and to something to hope for. It is all that matters to one’s heart.


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