It is better to find the truth and get hurt, rather than find comfort in lies

No one lied to me. No one was hiding truth from me. It was me. It was me who was trying to deceive myself. It was me who was trying to conceal the truth from myself. however, the stark truth is just too true to be ignored. Perhaps, it wasn’t all for bad. Maybe none of it meant for bad at all. I might still indulge myself in the mirage for another one month had I not listened. It hurts deeply. Its like peeling the recovering wounds and pouring it with salt. Had not for the past 168 hours the illusion would have lasted longer, and when it inevitably dissolves, the wound would have been sorer.

Face the truth needs more than just courage, it counts on wisdom. People say that it is better to have and lost than to not have at all; but they forget to mention that it pains more too.

I really don’t understand. This time I REALLY tried very hard. I was doing all the things others would have being doing. It was a bare attempt that I made no secret of my interest, no step to hold back. But still I have got the same result, vain. It was little more than stubbornness over my stupidity. aye…


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