Brief History of Time

I am always in awe of the magnitude of the creation surround us. It is always fascinating whenever I look into the dark sky. I can stare at it for hours: twinkling stars, occasional shooting stars, webbed with countless myth, great tales, epic Sci fictions, jedis, spaceships, mysteries and untamed imagination. There is no boundary, no limitation, but infinite opportunities and hope.

Brief History of Time as its name suggested followed a strict time order. It clearly yet concisely outlined the modern science and its evolvement with rich content and a sense of historical objectivity.

Science, as many would distasted at first glance, seems quite dry and plain. Brief History of Time may have proved it to be otherwise. Sir. Stephen Hawking has penned all the complicated theories and illustrations into amazingly plain language. Yet it provides large areas of topics to readers. Sir. Stephen Hawking didn’t contend head on head with creationism but provided a more generous view of the relationships between God and science.

From the initial recognition of universe, to the existence of life, to the discovery of gravity, to the development of relativity, to uncertainty principle, to a unification of physics, it is far more than hard number and complex formula, but a history of people and their thoughts. It has even inscribed amazing details of many less well known anecdotes.

Brief History of Time provides an opportunity for an ordinary people like me to broaden a wide understand of science topics: black hole, time travel, wormhole, arrow of time, uncertainty principle, the relativity, the four natural forces and more. I am a true believer that our destination is far beyond the blue sky above our head. Our destination is the heart of universe. It might sound like a wild dream now; it might take centuries and generations. The book surely makes us a significant step closer towards it.


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