Kite Runner


Nothing beats sincerity; nor does anything beat truth. It is a book of a man’s struggle, a struggle of one’s inner soul screaming to reconcile with his shell. It has nothing but all truth, or even it was otherwise, it was said with so much sincerity that you can’t tell the difference. It is an extraordinary piece of work as it was merely story telling yet exceptionally triggering.

Kite runner surely is one of the best stories I have read so far. Through the author’s pupil we have seen vivid and engaging pictures of every corner of Afghanistan. Khaled has brought his memory alive. The complexity of human emotion and intricate inner contradiction were stripped naked without any reservation. Following his ink trail, you have travelled to his childhood, lived in his grand mansion, attended his thirteenth birthday, met his heroic father and caring Rahim and faithful Hassan. You are not only imagining but you can surely feel that you were actually running on the street of Kabul chasing the falling kites with Hassan…

From the rise to fall, from Kabul to Peshwar to California, it was not until the very end, on the blood reddened string, Mr. Kahled had found his ultimate redemption. Every person was alive in his book. His betrayal of his loyal friend Hassan was bleakly contrasted with Hassan’s unshakable faith. His father was such an honorable and brave man that no circumstance would ever compromise his attribution. Khaled has not miss any single person in his book. Even a beggar on the street of Kabul was described in such a great detail that just enough to fit into the background.

He adores his father deeply, like most of reader would after reading the book. His father was surely an admirable man with courage and determination; so does Mr. Rahim. They say wisdom and experience grinds down courage; it was surely proved to be wrong when comes to his father.

The book was about people’s life. It is about people’s decision and act in life, and how those acts later on return back, as how it has been described in karma.


4 thoughts on “Kite Runner

  1. 努力的睡了两次都睡不着,只好上网看看。。。闯进了你的领地。。。。幽幽的说一声:你好………

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