Aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in

Hillary Clinton, I don’t know why the media has always referred her as Clinton rather than her first name. I think she deserves a distinctive identification for herself. From her remarkable speech at Wellesley University as the first student ever achieved this pride, to one of the best lawyers in the United States, she has always proved her determination and superior skills.

Senator Hillary has finally bowed out of the candidate race, with grace and dignity. She had been the first female president hopeful in the United States history and she had fought a brave and lively campaign. An aggressive, experienced, hard faced woman with prominent family background, may not be the best candidates from Democratic party, but she has surely impressed not only the 18 million people in the United States but many more million more people around the world. She may not have been perceived or intended to be a revolutionary leader. She was meant to be the conventional one, in her own word, she is very good in the old way. And out of all the conventional politicians, she is undoubted one of the finest.

"Aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in…" Senator Hillary’s final words to her supporters.

It has marked the end of her pursuit of candidacy and full endorsement to Barrack Obama. It surely won’t be easy to admit failure, definitely not for Senator Hillary. In the reminiscence of all the ups and downs, all the effort, all the passion she has put into the campaign, it must be inconceivably hard to hold back tears and congratulate her opponents: eighteen month back, she was hailed as the invincible candidates form democratic party in Manchester; her leading position was soon challenged after her defeat in Iowa and South Carolina; she has gained her glory following the sliding victory in New York and California; 22 debates with Barrack Obama, her misspoken of sniper experience in Bosnia. She has never compromised her fighting spirit until the decisive defeat in North Carolina. Riding on the tide when it is high differs remotely when it comes down.

Senator Hillary, if you have ever read my article, I want to let you know that you have done a wonderful job. The respect I revered for you has never been so dear. For people who long to have a female president in the United States might have to wait for at least another four years. But they will always appreciate all the cracks you have left on the glass ceiling!


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