You know I am such a fool for you…

It was a story of an
aspiring young, bright architect. He worked very hard, almost around the clock,
with a competitive spirit, and thought he was doing everything for the good of
his family. He has got a very beautiful, understanding and supportive wife
(with beautiful, black, long hair tooJ), who always
compromises with him. He had got very wise and cheerful parents. The senses of
humor and romance were never diminishes with his parents’ age. Their spirits
instilled harmony and happiness in their whole family. Despite of all the
support, it was not long before he got himself exhausted. He was not able balance
his family life and work.

In the movie, destiny
has favored him with a remote control that he could use it to choose the speed,
volume and content of his life. Excited with the new instrument, he decided to
skip all the unhappy moments in his life: all the muttering from his wife,
quarreling, overnight working, family reunion dinner. His life was then left
with only assumed pleasant moments: his promotion, his CEOship. But he has
forgone much more than he originally planned: his children, his wife, his
health, his father, and his family. He started regretting about his decisions. But
life was just moving too fast to hold anymore. At the end of his life, lying on
the raining washed hospital ground, with insurmountable sorrow, tears, he used
his last breath to tell his son that

"…family first,
family first…"

He asked his
ex-wife, “Will you still love me tomorrow morning?”

“Forever & ever”

Although he loved
his family very much, unconsciously, he always favored his work over his family.
His family always tried to understand the tremendous pressure he received from
his work but that doesn’t mean all the family obligation can be postponed
forever. What matter to his family were not a nice car, high profile audio
system, expensive bicycle, or fashionable handbag; they just want more time
from him: a family camping trip, a tree house, a family reunion dinner and a
weekend family barbecue. For his wife, a more tendering husband was far more
needed than a rich and famous husband.

One of the master
pieces of Adam Sandler, rather than the romantic 50 First Date, Click was about
how to live.

Consciously or
unconsciously, we make large number of decisions in our daily life. There are
always temptations to make wrong decision. Handful of decisions affects our
life in a big way. Most of them affect our life on a daily basis, trivia and negligible
effects. However, the accumulative and chronic effect can be far more
significant and irreversible than we have imagined. We should not take other
people as granted, especially the people you care and love. It pains deeply.
People need to understand very clearly what they really want in life. It guides
our daily decision. Care the people who care about you, be grateful. What
really matters to them is far more than material satisfaction.

“When he was dying, he
wished he had spent more time with his family”.


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