The Unification with Earth – My Third Trip to Pakistan

“Sir, are you travelling in one piece?”

The officer at the counter asked me when I was exchanging my boarding card at Karachi Jinnah International airport.


It took me 5 seconds longer than my fellow travelers to realize that he actually referred to my luggage.

“Yes, only one item.”

My last trip to Pakistan was again a marvelous experience.

Staying in Dubai for long, I have almost forgotten that nature can grow by itself with little human interference. Driving on the road of Lahore, on each side of road, I can only find short of my knowledge to name all the trees, flowers and bushes. Squirrels, wood peckers, parrots, cats gleefully chase their compatriots or inquisitively stare straight into your eyes. Sparrows line up on the telephone cable every morning and squeak incessantly to wake people up.

It rained a lot during the current monsoon season. Raindrops cheerfully tapped on the balcony, making flowers of splashes: beautiful; earthly air breezed through the window, giving tranquility to every soul. The whole world became brighter and refresher. Leaves were cleansed from mud left by weary motorcyclists; small pools of water reflect the blue sky and cotton like cloud. It gave an urge that I wanted to unite with the univers e, indulging myself in the aura of simple and harmony. The plain is extraordinary. It reminded me glimpses of my childhood, my beloved grandma, with whom I was dancing under the rain.


The feeling of harmony was further fermented into greatness when we reached Murree, a mountain range 60 kilometers away from Islamabad. As the road swirled up the mountains, earth was retreating into a stunning view of greatness. Sun torching from so far away that it feels like mom’s hand, so warm, so tender; stretching view of the green valley connects to the far ways cloud and sky; small houses sprinkled over the valley among trees, mud, rocks, springs, and mysterious fog. It was as beautiful as any painting would possibly express. When we reached the top of the mountain, the feeling that the earth was so far away mad e the sky seem so close that if could stretch my arm long enough I could touch it. Old Christian houses and churches built during the British colonization, tall pine trees, meandering footpath, talkative visitors at times were covered behind the mysterious fogs. It made me scared if they will simply vanish. Later I learnt that the nature was just being playful with me. When it approached evening, golden sunshine colored each roof with blooming blessing; the breeze became chillier than it did in the afternoon. After a sip of hot tea, we headed back.

The plain is the best. Grace and love need no decoration or rhetorical wording. Nature gives one a purified spirit and a revitalized body. Nature is just  so perfect that anything additional is unnecessary. Remembering all the haunting experience, I was driving on the road in Dubai. I wanted to give indicator to change lane. I was ended up frantically searching for the right rod. Both the front weeper and rear weeper start waving cheerfully: hey! this is not in Pakistan anymore!


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