Mass Effect

(the real fighting screenplay was as good as a cut scene!)

Imagination is the cradle of innovation. Sci-fictions have
always been the manifestation of that innovative power. But no sci-fictions,
not even the Starwar series can have
everyone so actively involved in that imaginative process. Mass Effect, a 3D sci-fiction game, is one of its first kind that
gives player ultimate involvement in the futuristic world.

Every time when Normandy, the main character’s flagship,
takes off, every details of that futurist world was carefully designed: the air
lock, the docking bay gate, the lightning, the steam, that one can even feel
the heat radiated from propellants! In the Mass
world, human has mastered the intergalactic drive technology;
corporate companies and government have build research facilities, colony
across the galaxy; human has not only met aliens, but also are striving to join
other intellectual species to manage the gigantic universe.

The world was so well constructed, that almost every
technology has been explained, and that every species and colony has been
provided with detailed background information. The new multi-specie system was
described with vivid culture and value. There is even a republic politic system
to manage the world. Don’t take me wrong. Even there are complete archives of information,
player learns the world through active interaction with other players: tendering
Salarian, honorable Turian, pirate type Krogan and more. In the game, artificial
intelligence has reached a point that it has gained self awareness. It is no
longer a series of algorithms but an able and evolvable being. Mass Effect has constructed magnificent
universe for players to explore. There are cluster, systems, planets, asteroids,
and strayed ships. Some planets are barren and rocky, some are torching hot, some
are green, the others are covered with hash snowstorm. There are always surprises
awaits players. The story not only stretches the tens of thousands light year
wide galaxy, but also tens of thousands of years of time frame.

The stunning visual effect and vibrant texture mapping has
made the story more convincing. Player really feel that he was Sheperd, he was
making decision that would affection trillions of lives across the galaxy. It
was like watching a movie. But the main character is the player. Be it good or
evil, there is almost no restriction. The well developed conversation system
has made real interaction possible, replacing the lengthy dialogue options. The
character talks lively, and acts accordingly with each other. Cinematic real
time play throughout the game, rich conversation and twisting storyline,
non-linear progression, all blended together, Mass effect has pushed the
horizon so far that seems the edge of the galaxy was just an arm’s length from

The battle system was a well blend of original RPG and real
time action shooting. It has used a modified round based mechanism and still
maintained the thrill of real time gunfire. Compare to the previous Knight of the Old Republic by Bioware, the
fighting scene was more real, and enemies were more intelligent. All are
perfect, but the layout of facilities and mining hub, being designed identical.

Bioware never disappoints us. From hunting a culprit to
revealing a thousand years conspiracy, the story was so attractive that one can
not drop it once he start it. The story is truly inspiring. I imagine that one
day we can really march a gigantic fleet of ships and venture into the heart of



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