Not everyone can be a great man

“Not everyone can be
an artist…but an artist can be anyone.”

The notorious food
critic, who had bitterly discounted “everyone can cook”, whose critics kicked
many restaurants out of business, finally said the above words at the end of
the movie. Ratatouille is a rare story about cooking. It is about a rat. A rat
who has aspired the wildest dream ever for a rat: to become a renowned chef!

Remy, the rat, was
highly gifted. He has exceptionally sensitive nostril and taste buds, and a
natural sense of cooking. His talent was no match for all his human counterparts.
Unfortunately, he was a rat, the archenemy of all chefs.

A fateful encounter
with his human friend Linguini changed Remy’s life. Using Linguini as a
disguise, Remy made the restaurant famous where Linguini worked as a sweeper. Linguini
becomes a celebrity in his town almost overnight! But quickly, the fame put
their friendship into tests. Friends argued, fought and distrusted each other;
there were times everyone lost hope and about to accept the defeat. Then the
perseverance and the spirit of “never say die” made everyone push a little bit
further. Remy ran out from his cage; Linguini rode on his roller blade; an army
of rat chopped onions, fried steaks and stirred sauces; the rest of that night
was just legendary.

Like all the other
fairy tales, the story has a lovely and sweet ending. It was also truly thought
provoking and inspiring. It was not easy for Linguini to confess that he didn’t
cook all the dishes in front of all his friends; it was easier for Remy to
retreat to his friends and family rather than fought his life head on head. If Remy
heeded his father’s advice, he wouldn’t have to go through so many troubles and
even put his life at risk. He would live like all his comrades in the sewage and
never to realize his dream. But Remy’s arousing courage and passion made him

Life is about
change. One can either lead the change, or wait until change lead one’s life.
Remy chose the first option. Talent is important, but what makes people
extraordinary is normally the courage and passion.

A must watch piece from
Pixar, a company driven by peer innovation. Rich storyline, masterful screen
play, stunning imagination, vivid characters, all the elements with a perfectionist
touch has made many legendary names: Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, The
Incredible and the list goes on.

“Not everyone can be
a great man, but a great man can be anyone.”


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