One of the bestselling books from this renowned Brazilian novelist, Paulo Coelho. I love those authors who refrain themselves from using fancy, but no one understand words. However great a book might be, a thick dictionary would spoil all the fun.  

This book is about a shepherd’s pursuit of happiness.  It was like a fairy-tale. He had been a shepherd, traveler, shop assistant, counselor; he risked his life for an oasis village in the middle of desert, revived a crystal shop on the top of a mountain; he had been stolen, cheated, beaten and threatened; He had also contact nature; he had spoken words with God. The language of the world, the philosopher stone, the elixir of life, alchemist, the soul of life…it was a pleasant reading.

He had admirable courage. He dared to challenge the odds. And “if a man wants something, the whole universe conspires with him”.

Culturally, I am not superstitious. It was only for the recent couple of years I became more tolerant towards other beliefs and cultural values. Metaphysics, Fengshui, Divinity rarely determines my course of action and thinking. But that did not undermine my enjoyment from this book.

It is a book full of wisdom. Wisdom the author has collected throughout his observation and learning: wisdom about life, about love, about world, about the universe. It was truly thought provoking. It helped me to understand more about my life. I was able to clear lots of life’s mystery from this book.

Destiny can be treacherous. It always puts our determination to tests. But destiny only favors those who dared to challenge it. The happiest people do not have every best thing in their lives; they merely strive the best of everything comes in their lives.

To retreat is easy, but to embrace possibilities is hard. To die is easy, to live needs courage. For those people who feel every day of their life the same, they have not realized how wonderful it is to see everyday’s sunrise.


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