伊斯兰玛堡(Islamabad, 巴基斯坦的首都。就算把整个城市比作一个恬静的花园一点都不为过。稀稀拉拉的小洋房不经意的藏在葱绿的树林和灌木之中,清脆的鸟叫远比那小轿车的喇叭来地欢快。就算是最繁华的大街上也只有稀松的几栋办公楼,懒洋洋的路人和舒缓行驶的汽车。整个城市有一种与其他大都市不一样的生机:自然。




Something one can learn from people, others one can learn from books. But there are things that one just has to see and feel. That is the city of Islamabad.

I really loved the city of Islamabad. I relished every moment when I was there. I could stay on of top of the mountain, Pirsohawa, for one month! (well, I might lose my job after one month, that is a story of another day). Watching the sun rise from the green, crawling mountain in the morning, breathing in the thin, refreshing air…and when the night comes with watchful gazes from countless stars, indulging in the hallucinating incense of Arabian Sheesha…

The day would be as lazy as how the sun raises herself up in the morning. Birds lined up and squeaked merrily on every branch of the trees. Cloudless sky was washed blue; graceful mountains patched the horizon with the city; Chill breeze tenderly reminded people of the approaching winter. There was no agitation, no anxiety and no hurriedness. It had a precious calmness in the air. In this city, greeneries are not the decoration of concrete buildings, it is rather the opposite. There are only scattered few buildings protruding among the trees, bushes and flowers. People are careful not to move too fast. The hastiness will only make people miss out joyfulness brewed by every cheerful colors and fragrance in the city.

I realized how much I longed the indulgence with mother earth. Mesmerizing.


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