Graduation UOWD


Officially last weekend, I have graduated for my bachelor degree: Bachelor of Commerce – Finance from the University of Wollongong in Dubai. Not many Chinese students get to study in an Australia university in the Middle East. It was a vigorous experience, and I am proud to say I have got the most out of it: study, competition, part jobs and Connexionz Club. The ceremony symbolizes something significant: it is turning a new page in my life.

It could not have been any better for me. What had been a mere alternative solution four years back turned out to be a fateful opportunity. Had I travelled to another university, I would never enjoy the Connexionz club and met all the other wonderful people. I worked harder than most of my peers. I achieved high not only in my academic, but also wide community works. I learnt a lot.

Through the past 1440 days, I have met thousands of people, thousands of people from different places and of different colors, holding different personality, religious beliefs and cultural values. I learnt how to sing Hindi song Kal Ho Naa Ho; I have a wooden warrior doll from Tanzania; I learnt when to use “shweet” in South African; I learnt how to reply if an Iranian greets “Khubi”; Now I can even use my left hand to write my name in Arabic! I worked closely with students; I had secured sponsorship from banks; I had helped underprivileged students to realize their university dreams; I won numerous competitions; My name and my picture were printed on newspaper!

It wasn’t so romantic all the times. I had bitter fights with many of my friends. I lost as many competitions as I won them. I deeply loved someone, but never be loved back. I cried, heartbroken, depressed and confused. I had forgone many things my peers had enjoyed. I was badly hurt by trusted friends as often as I stubbornly hurt others. I held award ceremony in a 500 people hall, but less th50 people actually showed up. My enthusiasm was badly criticized and dubbed as self publicity. I didn’t know what went wrong nor how to fix it. I had gone through all that.

Many people have impacted me profoundly during my college time: Zeshan, Rohini, Neha, Laurel, Kaayu, Shoab, Afshan and many more. People’s names, faces, laughs, eBiz, Connexionz, SPM, Sylte-it, Read to Reach, Charity Run, Debate…while I was sitting at the graduation ceremony, snippets flashes back so clearly as if it had just happened yesterday – splendid memories. At times, a sudden urge would strike me to call someone for Connexionz work, then I realized I had already resigned. To leave something that I have poured all my soul and heart was not easy. I can’t imagine how painful it is for Jerry Young to leave Yahoo.

Actually, I had adjusted to my new life style quicker than I had thought. Maybe it was because I was always doing part time jobs during my college time, it was quite a smooth transition. I packed skills, contacts, reputation and most of all my confidence. I had a great time. I will treasure every moment of it.


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