Thank you, my friend

I am not in any definition an intelligent person. Perhaps the only reason I appear to be brighter than some people is that I at sometimes put, or have to put, several extra hours more compare to them; and at the other times, I was merely fortunate. There are people really gifted with talent that no amount of extra work could match. I am fortunate to meet several people like that, whom I deeply admire. Murali is one of those people. He knows a great deal of things on almost any conceivable topics. It is more than humble even to say that my knowledge account for one tenth of his. He may not know it, but the interaction with him during the past 10 month had a profound influence on my understanding of life.

We sit almost side by side in the office; we have both visited some “4th” world countries. He is a chess master; He can play more than 100 boards simultaneously; initially, his eccentric behavior might be mistaken him as an arrogant man; a bit interaction is enough to reveal that his is a very personable person. It was much easier to ask Murali instead of Wikipedia for alien topics; He takes things in his unique, effortless spirit, which gives him a special charm in the office. His ingenious sarcastic jokes and ridiculous comments often burst people into uncontrollable laughter. People enjoys his light hearted accompany. And many times his joking words or playful attitude were unusually thought provoking than they appeared.

Even though our birthdays differ only by two days, his living philosophy differs remarkably from mine. He paid little regards to norms and rules. He didn’t live on people’s expectations. Rather, he grew up in his own way. Without paying much attention to formal education system, during his school times, he read books which were way beyond his age. Then he spent most of his twenties in one of most poverty stricken land in Africa, where starvation, despair and corruption crushes even the most timid hope. It was always interesting to listen to his adventures. He earned his respect over there. Those people who worked with him, although barely have nothing to eat, still made an international call to Murali and ask him to attend a marriage. Murali has an enviously harmonious family with an infant daughter. Many times when I played with his daughter, it left me wondering when I would be constructing my own family.

We often engage in a lively debate on various topics. His broad knowledge of each topic usually gives me thoughtful insights. I learnt many facades of life that I had neglected earlier due to preoccupied misconceptions. He often criticized my wrong doings and paranoid bluntly. And I would listen to them attentively. He is one of the very few people who would drive me rethink my action. Our interactions were further enhanced when we formed the corporate magazine Sizzler.

His humor was another thing that affected me. I found his ingenious satire jokes quite entertaining. And obviously, I am not alone. His laugh, knowledge and light hearted jokes make him the most personable person in the office. His jokes would attack your laughing nerves in so many unimaginable ways that made them both unstoppable and enjoyable.

I am writing this small tribute to him as he is leaving the company. Being one of my close friends in my career life, I bid him farewell and wish him all the best in his future. I know goodbyes happen all the time in life, but I can’t help feeling sad.

For all the things I have learnt from him, I thank him.


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