Buongiorno Principessa!


7          Good to watch


No sooner than the host annouce his name, Roberto sprung from his seat, standing on the chair arm, waving, shouting, shaking hands, jumping from seat to seat. One thing was evident: he is the same man who shouted: “Buongiorno, Principessa!” (Hello, pincess!). With the unmistakable passion for life, the same Guido jumped on the stage, accepted the golden man and thanked his audience. Being the 3rd foreigner ever to receive the Best Actor on Oscar night, nothing less than his wilderness can more adequately depict his excitement.


“Something must have been wrong, I have used up all my English…”


Old things and past memories do not always go away with time. Many of they shine like jewels below flowing river, as time goes, they glow stronger. Although this 1997 movie may not have been so well known as Titanic, it charms from another different romance. A comedy-tragedy. A perfectly blended oxymoron. It strikes one’s sensation from all conceivable and unconceivable directions.


It is a story of an extrordinary yet ordinary Jewish-Italian man. His pursuit of happiness, his overflowing cheerfulness and his selfless love struggled hard yet merrily during that dark period of human history.


“Buongiorno, Principessa!” Their fateful first encouter near the farm; Guido fell on Dora from his cycle; the fake school inspection; their long way home from theater; the wedding ceremony; With a glowing delightfulness, he shouted it everytime! It started as a romantic love story everyone craved for, sweet, dramatic and enjoyable. After he successfully snatched her from her self centered fiancee, the story turned. All of them have climbed on the train towards Nazi concetration camp. The environment had dramatically changed, but the love and spirit had not. He made every opportunity to make his princess: his announcement through the broadcast, playing music for Dora, and stopping her from getting on the truck.


There are fatherly love too. He told his son that everything was just a game set up. If they following the game’s rule, which he had “translated” from the German officer, they will get a train after reaching 1000 points. He didn’t want his son to feel bad. He wanted his son to believe the world is beautiful.


It was a great movie. Roberto has effortlessly and magically showed us how to turn a Nazi concentration camp into a game playground. It has nothing to compromise the cruel WWII. It is just a cheerful story happened during even the darkest time. It may happen everyday around.


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