The World is Flat

7 scored largely on number of pages


This is the second finance book I read recently. Fortunately, not all the finance & economic books are stern numbers and alienating formula, more often than not, some of them, turned out to be pleasant readings. In volume wise, this is a typical mamoth size economic & finance book. The title The World is Flat has fooled in believing this is about a resurrection of a disproved concept. As the author has intended, I was astounished and curious to read the content. Sooner than I finish the first chapter, I learnt the flatness referred by the author comes form another dimension: the economic arena has been leveled, virtually. The globe is increasingly becoming a melting pot of culture, technology, freedom, mentality and nationality.


I like the concept of globalization. I believe it is the constructive way, or perhaps the only way towards the future of mankind. Mr. Friedman, like many other pro-globalization activists, envisioned a world of equal competition, intercultural cooperation and technological advancement.


Technology has made it possible to for people who were formerly divided by region, classes, ethnity, wealth to compete and cooperate on an ever interactive global arena. The book went great depth to explore the impact of globalization. He brought us exlusive insights from officials, entreprenuers and normal workers. He also outlined the new threats, challenges and conflict. The book actually acknowledged the merits of all the anti globalization groups.


Great jounalist writing: sharp, resourceful and joyful reading.



2 thoughts on “The World is Flat

  1. You haven\’t even explained what\’s in the book. Some people we\’re hoping you\’d give us what is inside the book. Atleast 2 examples of what you have read. You just told whether it is good or bad, that\’s all.

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