On the other end of the line

7 Soul soothing, classic romance

It was a pleasant movie: elegant, joyful and romantic. It is a wonderful fairy tale of a charming princess, who dared to defy the odds and challenged her destiny and eventually found her true love. In her indefatigable pursuit of love and happiness, with her insurmountable courage and faith, she finally made him fall for her, convinced her parents and touched every single audience in the cinema. She was such a lovable character.

She was a call center employee in the downtown Mumbai; he was an aspiring independent designer near San Francisco. It all started from the telephone line. Then she decided to give her life an opportunity: she traveled over the pacific to meet him. Her unspeakable excitement was quickly showered away with disappointment before she fainted on their first encounter. Story unfolded further in a much predictable pattern. They enjoyed a great time with each other’s accompany. Then she was hurt, she felt betrayal; there was miscommunication and misconception happened just at the right incorrect time. She decided to leave. However disheartened she was, she still decided to go against her defined destiny – she rejected the marriage. She lost her husband but she also discovered how much her family loved her. Even her pro-marriage father supported her: “she is my daughter…she brings joy and laugh to the family…” It was definitely the other guy’s loss to miss her. Her determination soon led her to a better future. Alongside the main storyline, the movie was also full of entertaining, funny small incidents. Her father never missed any chance to tickle your sensible brain cell.

If one cannot go for a marriage full hearted, they must not go for it. Be it an arranged or love marriage, it is still a life time commitment from you, not from your parents. No one would enjoy the pain to revert the decision later on. If she had gone along with the arrange marriage, it is an irresponsible and betrayal action not only for herself, but also for her future husband, for her family and for everyone who loved and cared for her. However, it does take a great amount of courage to make the right decision. I doubt if I would make the same choice as she did.

Normally, I don’t watch romantic movie. I am nearly forgone the sense of romance altogether with it. But recently, I realized it is fine to indulge oneself a bit and enjoy colors in life. A classic romantic movie like is surely enjoyable. It feels great to revive some dull sensation. It feels heavenly to believe in something beautiful and everlasting.

One of my friends said to me passionately “everyone is looking for love”. How truer anything can be? Everyone longs for a human love: the feeling of belonging, someone to love, someone to love you back, someone to talk to before you go to sleep, someone to share a dinner table, someone to embrace a warm hug or a few lines of whispers…even when you sit alone, it feels so different when you know that somewhere, someone is missing you, someone is wondering if you does the same…


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