Zen and the Motorcycle Maintenance

9 a book read twice is not enough

If it was not because of my friend’s persistent recommendation, I must have overlooked its content by the deceptive title. It is such a great book that I keep on reading it and I never finishing reading it – it keeps giving new meanings every time I read it.

The author is a hardcore motorcycle lover and a knowledgeable mechanic. But all that technical jargon is merely a prologue which leads to a colossal realm of knowledge. The author takes you in a great journey around the country of side of United States. It indulges you with dawn breaking mist, refreshing sunshine and the earthlike aroma. On the road side restaurants and motels, you taste special smoked bacon and black coffee. On the other time, he will take you for a hiking or engage a thought provoking conversation with some local residents. But those are only the appetizer of the book.

This book is full of intriguing thoughts. In a seemingly deceptive narration, a ghost speaks out his minds. It covers a great number of topics, with growing intensity and significance. It unfolds from the apparent to the fundamental, which could shake the very corner stone of modern reason. It enquires indefatigably into the root of value system and human behavior: the resistance to pervasive technology advancement, the craving for certainty, the conflict between romantic and classic, the duality of objective and subjective. As the story develops, the author went great depth to induce rethinking of logic, mathematic assumption, gumption gap, reasoning, and finally quality. The content is richly cited with classic and contemporary thoughts from philosophy schools. It seeks a different way to find truth.

This book is composed with enlightening intellect and intense emotion. Two halves of personalities combat fiercely over the dominance of consciousness. Almost every character in the story is stripped away with any disguise and dedicatedly exposed. Dialogues are analyzed frantically until nothing is left unsaid.

It reminds me of so many things I have taken for granted. I stay awake longer but spend lesser time to think. I know my word barely cover 1 % of its great content, nor my brain comprehended more than 10% of its value. Why not your also give it a try?


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