“Someone blocked my card”

“someone blocked my card…” Bindi was mumbling rather merrily about her hapless cards. The other 2 players (except the culprit) were cursing gaily about the ingenious tactic. We played round after round as if we have found some long lost spirit for life. We laughed uncontrollably that I felt sore in my cheek every time I tried to speak! I have not had so much fun since a long time!

It was about 7 o’clock that Meenu and I have reached Bindi’s house. Alongside the broad smile that welcomed us, we also had a special greeting from a school of gold fish. There are 2 fish tanks in the house, both are beautifully decorated and skillfully maintained. Those lovely, little critters were observing us curiously as we did the same to them.

It was hard to resist the heavenly mouthwatering Biryani scent from Kitchen. It intensely aroused every taste buds I have. When we entered the Kitchen, Bindi and Rafiq were in the final process of the Biryani. Conveniently, I have stolen their recipes. 🙂 I didn’t only go just as a eater. I also made myself useful. Meenu and I have made a plate of green salad. I have a passion for cooking as strong as I have for food. Nothing beat the satisfaction I derive from others liking my food. The whole process of putting the ingredient together, cooking, combining and presenting involves a great amount of creativity. To become a good chef is always one of my aspiring hobby.

We have eagerly descended on the dinner table and started our food. It was not eating – we were attacking the food. It was simply delicious. Spoonful of salad, gulps of Chilean wine, both visual and gustatory tempting Biryani! Yeh, of course, we didn’t forget to freeze the memorable moment:

(from left to right: Rafiq, Bindi, Meenu and I)

After the food, we chat and we found 3 of us are actually musicians (well, the least of its sort:)) Rafiq can play keyboard, I can play flute and Meenu can sing! We have formed a little orchestra!

Rafiq confidently showed his talent on the keyboard. I enviously stared at his nimble fingers while he was playing out the mesmerizing melodies! My flute? Or dear, even though I tried to put the tones together, but they were just jumping out unconnected. Let alone the melody was anything close to inspiring, hope it was not just noise. After that we played cards. That is the part I enjoyed the most. In simple words, we played like kids. Time just passed in the laughter, screaming and shouting. I had to call it off at 2:00am. I wasn’t able to distinguish spade from a club!

It was a lovely day off. I wish we can do this more often!


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