Accidental Billionaire – the founding of facebook

the closest one can get into Mark’s world

is one of the rare universities where graduates and dropouts share an equally
prestigious reputation. This is a book about the recent self-made billionaire
Mark Zukerberg and his legendary facebbok. In addition to the main story, the
author also entertains his readers with some peculiar insights to the life in Harvard.

started his adventure from his very dorm room, with wholehearted support from his
friend Eduardo. They made an excellent team: Eduardo has the discipline that
makes him the best 2nd person in charge; Mark is a true computer genius that
literally lives on computer codes.

founding of the legend did not carry any less controversy than that of any other legends did.
Initially, Mark promised to construct a social networking site for his fellow
students. He told them that their website was making great progress whilst actually he was
working on facebook.  It wasn’t before long that Mark completely ditched them. Because of that, Mark was accused of breach of oral agreement. Then when Mark and Eduardo had a diverge on opinions, Mark
tricked Eduardo to sign an agreement that eventually removed Eduado from the company;
Then Sean Parker, who was instrumental to get facebook its first half a
million, was kicked out from the company after a couple of month. I don’t like those facts. Anyway, who
am I to criticize him? Righteousness can never be decided by mere logic, but indisputable fact is that Facebook has survived and is thriving. There might be better ways to handle the situation: maybe Mark and Eduardo could still be friends; maybe he would have told his fellow students right at the beginning that he wasn’t interested to work on their site. However, Mark decided on his way and it worked.

that is how the real business works?

Mark’s sheer determination made facebook happen. Mark has done exactly the
thing what is necessary to make Facebook successful. Nothing stands on his way.
If anyone mistook Mark for a mere programmer, they all paid their price. All his
decisions made a lot of business sense. One day he will go, but the revolution
and inspiration he left behind will encourage generations of entrepreneurs. 

Jobs once said at a Stanford graduation ceremony that one needs to do what he likes and he was
fortunate to find what he liked in the early age of his life. Mark was fortunate to find what he really like. And he is doing what he likes. That sole fact made him what he is now:  his skills, his determination
and his personality.

is a shame to point out that this book has been written without a grain of
input from Mark. Maybe Mark decided that his contribution to this book will hardly
add any value to facebook. After the publication of the book, Eduado has been reinstated
as a co-founder of facebook.

book is a good read. In a retrospective view, the author masterfully reconstructed
not only how the facebook was made but also what excitement it has stirred along with it. Beautifully worded and written as a  neutral witness to all the history-changing moments.

is now the No. 1 social network website. Mark is the youngest self-made billionaire
the history has ever known. Although I am not a frequent Facebook user, I like
the website very much. It is very convenient and creative. It offers a lot of
applications keep me connected with my friends: plain genius.


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