Losing My Virginity

9              powerful, unique, bold and attractive

It is a simple chronic narration of his personal adventure, yet it is so mesmerizing as if I was Mr. Branson. Each letter is unmistakably branded by Virgin spirit: never ending journey to challenges. Through astonishing plain language, Mr. Branson told his glorious stories and inspiring experiences.

One time I fly at unprecedented height under a gigantic balloon across the vast pacific; the other time, I set on a dreadful cruise ship battling the fear of death; One time I am going to make the heart broken decision to sell Virgin Music; the other time, I shed glorious tears after his win over the libel case against British Airway; one time I travel to the deserted Baghdad Airport, diving through the black, watchful cloud; the other time, I was electrified by the excitement when Mike Oldfield performed his legendary maiden album – tubular bell.

Mr. Branson meticulously keeps notes in every significant moment his life. Even when he has already stepped half way into heaven, he never dropped his pen and notepad. Thanks to his immaculate notes, events are told with great details and vivid characters (everyone has a name in his stories, even the mechanic who refilled the diesel for him during his Blue Ribbon Challenge). It was effortless to enter his world. As soon as I start reading the book, the journey never end until I finish the last page; even when I was not reading, the mind was still on the high sky balloon or on the Necker Island – the book haunted my life! The intrigue stories come one after another: be it a breathless roller coaster ride, or a uncontrollable laugh it keeps getting better!

Like all the other autobiography, Losing My Virginity gives a rare glimpse into the self-made billionaires’ many untold stories: how his family was trying to cheat the church official for a cheap office place; how he formed Virgin on the graveyard of a church; how he smuggled CD and caught red handed…nevertheless, every page imbues with a Branson philosophy.

It is blood boiling to see the making of extraordinary.


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