Lost Symbol


7 Predicted Surprises

A lonely impressive assassin lurking around in the darkness, baffled cryptologist professor invited by some powerful secretive man, cold blooded cruel murder, arresting storyline, interwoven with indecipherable mysterious codes and audacious evil plan, yet everything is somehow predictable – if you have read all his novels.

Vivid characters with real flesh and sensitive sentiments are being masterfully constructed that dragged the readers deeply into the story. Then Mr. Brown cunningly controlled his readers like a puppet performer did to his puppets. He meticulously pulled the strings in a unique sequence that gave a unspeakably incredible experience. I was breathlessly rushing through the pages and trying to figure out what happened to the suffocating Robert Langdon. I felt like a kite in the sky: at times I was allowed to fly freely and dive higher; other times I was stifled and dying to let go. And the string tied me up was in Mr. Brown’s hand.

It is a beautiful, intriguing and thought provoking story. Another master piece from Mr. Brown.

I am a loyal follower of Mr. Brown that I have read every page he has ever written so far. But my enthusiasm now turned into a double blade sword. My familiarity with Mr. Brown’s writing style left me little to wonder in this new adventure of Mr. Langdon. That disappointment was further reinforced by nearly 20 pages of preaching at the end. It mercilessly bored me to my spine. A single message were recited from different mouth, in all different ways over and over again for 20 pages! This time I was again rushing through the pages with a disastrous dissatisfaction.

In my opinion, The Da Vinci Code was the peak of his writing that has set the par so high that even himself is not able to overcome it. I would have imagined a better story this time. However, it is still a good read especially if this is your first Dan Brown book.


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