Sizzler New Year Get Together

We immediately unpacked the fun on the sun bathed beach. A white football painted with elegant black strips easily vitalized everyone. The football spun with flying sweat drops, tides of sands, tangling toes, hawking, leading the spirit back and forward. It was delightful to see that colleagues from different group of companies who rarely met or spoke even once joined the fun. The the presence of family made the party in the way we intended: informal, fun and relaxed.

We were lucky that as soon as the sun set we found a place very close to do the BBQ. I felt enormously grateful to several people without whom the BBQ would have never been so successful. Karrupiah and his family helped a lot to marinate chicken for a whole army of people. It took me 6 hours to shop and cook 2 kg chicken wings; he made 12 kg chicken for 43 people! His bright color T-shirt was a sheer contrast to his normal grey office outfit. He also did a spellbinding job as a goalkeeper! Another good accompany was Senthil. He radiates constant youthfulness around him (the other guy who gave me such high sense of intelligence was Rajiv). With him, the ambience became so easy and fun! While the rest of us had food and fun, he cooked away chicken, potatoes, egg plants and fish. The smoke from his stand constantly attacked our nostrils and tastebuds. I learnt a lot from Senthil, especially about BBQ. But I was more impressed by the spirit he brought up in others. My long trusting ally Meenu (the only Sizzler member at the moment, the other one is on vacation) enthusiastically invovled herself in all the planning and execution. Although she rarely cooked in her life, she took the responsibility to prepare fruit salad and she helped me tremendously throughout the event.

I had the freedom to engage the guest with rounds of fun games, including my favorite Murderer game. Like many previous events, I wasn’t eating much; I rather I devour on the commanding and successful feeling. I love doing challenging things that others retreat back from. I love making others believe. I felt so much like returning back to Connexionz…

Because of recent playful weather condition and my inability to reach the venue early, I had a lot to worry. Fortunately, there seemed to be an invisible hand which directed all the scattered elements into their duly slots. This event turned out to be one of the most memorable event we ever had in the company. We had tons of fun, delicious food and much needed physical exercise, as well as a rare chance to know each other beyond the email names and telephone receivers.

We planned to start at 3:30 pm. Although I was 30 minutes late to reach the venue, a few had showed up even at 5 – this time the Arabian sense of time served all of us well. It gave me some much needed vacuum time to formulate contingency plans. Even though we came to the venue early, all the BBQ pits were occupied and since people did not show up early, we would have to postpone the ice breaking game until later. Quick decisions were made (some proved to be less desirable approach). Thanks to everyone who helped, it is a successful, first time employee self organized party.

This is my second and the last event in Koohiji. I felt a bit sad that I am going to miss the people who worked with me shoulder to shoulder for 3 years. I didn’t realized until then that a sense of belongingness had quietly grown inside me. It was a great feeling. I had my best in the past 3 years.

I feel  strongly that it is at such difficult times that we should have more fun and motivation. Everyone is overloaded and many are walking on their last strength. People will appreciate it more than normal times. Such moments distinguish the extraordinary companies from ordinary ones. Such activities do not really incur much monetary cost at all. People are so ready for a break that the cost can be easily contributed; The only investment is the intention and time.


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