Screw it, let’s do it!

6 a short score for the short version

This is the sequel to Mr. Branson’s auto biography Losing My Virginity. Rather being a continuation of his great tale, Screw It, Let’s Do It is a pocket version of its predecessor. His experiences have been refined further to express explicitly some Branson philosophies.

This book can be a fascinating start to dive into Mr. Branson’s personal realm of adventures. The book took readers back to many significant moment of Virgin. Nevertheless, this book does not follow a chronological order Losing My Virginity did. Stories are led by some Branson verses. Mr. Branson shares with us explicitly what drove him to be what he is today. The value he believed and the ambition he is inspired to fulfill. A powerful book second only to its predecessor. 

Although I am obliged to speak highly of the book, for reader like I who have read his first novel, there isn’t much to explore in this book. Many stories have been copied almost without any change. It becomes so predictable that I could even guess what stories were on the other side of the page. I don’t anyone feel so great to read the same stuff second time though in a different order. And the taste of the book changed dramatically. It is no longer a thrilling and engaging journey. It gave a feeling of text book. Towards the end of the book, it read like a college text book that sells ideas like a life insurance sales man does.

It is a great book but definitely not for reader who have read LMV first. If you got the time and a big enough book shelve, I recommend you read Losing My Virginity directly.


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