Clock is ticking


I learn, like many others, from past experiences. I expect, too, from past experiences. I assume that the past somehow explains or predict the future. I assumed wrong. Past is a severely biased indicator for future. The increasingly intricate future keeps on shredding that little remains of comfort.

Some of my friends are still the same; I still see the same sparkling in their eyes as they did years before. Others changed, so radically as if I have never known them before. Freedom are making them really who they are. Intriguing.

In my pursuit of happiness, I am taking up great risk and expect to reap huge profit. After entering a completely alien industry, I enjoyed every moment of it. I started using lots of knowledge I have learnt before: accounting, marketing, management and more. It is an engaging opportunity to hone my people skills. I am learning to analyze conflicting information and make sound decisions.

Ever growing responsibility, sometime I felt overwhelming stresses. Non stopping business phone calls, piles of papers, closing exam date…24 hours a day is too short to finish all the work. Although I have all more discretion to decide how to spend my time, I can no longer submit a leave application anymore. I have to hold on and continue.

In the needle drop silent night, I hear my heart pounding in my ribcage. It is soon accompanied by the incessant clock ticking. It is so plain yet it grows so loud! I have never wanted so badly to stop that annoying sound. Then silently, I drift in my dreams and wonder what is that light on the other side of the tunnel.


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