Veer & Zaara

7 – A Great Story of Love and Passion

It is a classic heart touching, tear brimming love story. He said he would give her his life and he sacrificed 22 years of silence to testify it; she promised to give one day to him and she ended up giving him everything. It is the type of love story that nothing but love has meaning. The daring prince and loving princess shared a dream. On the romantic yet bumpy journey, unfaltering faith, undeterred passion and stunning courage served as the guiding stars. 

The Pakistani girl traveled to India to fulfill the death wish of her grandma (whose origin was in Indian Punjab). The Indian man devoted his ambition to Air Force rescue team. Their fated encounter was half way in the sky; They traveled the beautiful field along the Indian country side, danced in spirited Lodi festival and completed burial ritual. Even before they could realize, they had deeply falling love with each other.

Then destiny ruthlessly put their love into trials. The once beautiful fairy tale was clouded with heart broken choices. They had to make compromises. They said yes: One was on a lavish yet loveless marriage; the other one was on a cruel and false accusation.

Sharukhan and Preity reminds me of my first Hindi movie: Kal Ho Na Ho. They brought back lots of old memories. Sorrow tragedies hid behind jubilant; sore tears swallowed behind laughter. The helplessness was such a pain tearing heart apart.

It is also a great story of passion. Zaara, however carefree in her life, was looking for a meaning in her life; Veer realized the void in his life when he met Zaara. Veer’s father devoted his life to raise a remote village from ground; Saamiya pursued to improve women’s right in Pakistan…Determined souls throw everything for their fate because they believed wholeheartedly that it is their sole purpose. Everyone is looking for a purpose.

How many of us truly follow our heart? In the pursuit of fame, money and power, how many visions still stand clear? Few ambition survives the daily grilling of trivia troubles in life. They are the extraordinary. Passion is the only path to reveal our destiny. Without passion no fulfillment can ever be achieved; without passion life is a waste. Human are nothing more than a bone box if deprived of value. And this life is the only chance to discover that.



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