8.5 Pixel does not fails my expectation

I am not an trendily interesting person. I read old books and watch old movies. Sometimes I even doubt if I have been born to a wrong generation; but I love old stuff. I view things from hindersight. When the lifted  dust once again settles, I see the things clearer than it would have been otherwise. I enjoy that tranquility in thinking.

Up is a unique experience for me. I tried to watch it couple of month back. I could not finish it. I watched to the point that the old man drove his house into the sky. Then I shut it off and shelved the movie as if I have seen a ghost. It was not that I didn’t have the time. I was scared to watch the movie. I scared that when I become old I have not achieved my dream; I scared I can not take care of my loved ones; I scared I can not give the best to my family; I scared I can not have a child; I scared to be lonely; I…

I felt a overwhelming urgency and pressure after I watching the movie.

It is a wonderful movie. A child grew up with a dream to conquer the sky. He had a cheerful wife and harmonic family. But they had many regrets. However they try, they can not fulfill their childhood dream. Days went by, and they became old, but they still couldn’t do their dream – until all has been too late. Then a lonely old man isolated by the modern world: paranoid, anxious and scared. (My throat was sore when I watched here). It saddens me very much to see the enthusiasm wash away with daily grudges in life.

Luckily, his dream has found a new start. An aspiring young boy who wish to obtain all his scout badges. The boy lightened up this old man’s life. He gave a new hope. The adventure they had was sweet, funny and soul touching. It is more like a Hayao Miyazaki movie now:)

I have just embarked on my journey to discover my future. The infallibility of a destined successful future has been worn off. Life’s many bumpers are no longer shielded by others. There are many things I can do, I should do but very few things I have to do. It all depends on me now. It is a great yet heavy feeling. I learnt a lot from UP. Up was an inspiring story – a must watch for anyone who aspires greatness in his/her life!


One thought on “Up

  1. It is surprised to find that we are both addicted to old stuff and share the same doubt that maybe i was born to a wrong generation.It seems UP means a lot to you, which arouses my great interest. Since we have something in common in our character, maybe i should also try.

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