Mass Effect 2

7 Impressive Universe

Another impaling experience of future: lively, adventurous and engaging. There are many changes over the first game: inventory system removed, battle control enhanced (more like Gear of War type of over the shoulder shooting game), graphics and sound improved; Mako has been replaced by Firewalker and tons of fun DLC. However, the game is more like a 1.2 version of Mass Effect 1 than Mass Effect 2. It has presented the sequel very well yet it lacks some eye opening innovation.

It has a shocking start: Normandy had been hit by a mysterious enemy and Sheperd was last seen thrown into the void space and aimlessly crushing into a planet. Like its predecessor, the most attractive part of the game for me is the multiracial universe and the enticing conversation. All the conversation are artistic and carefully scripted and beautifully played. Every character comes with a rich personal background. Every specie comes with a fascinating culture and history. It is like reading a scientific fiction book – the only difference is that I direct the story and I am the main character.

The fighting was challenging. I used Adept throughout the game. Singularity was my favorite skill: it gnaws away shield and amour, stumbles enemy and immobilizes multiple enemies. Together with heavy wrap, it is did most of the killing. 

The game is not free of glitches. A well timed shot sometimes “inserts” an enemy into the wall where it can’t be killed; a unlucky climb over the cover may put the character standing in the air. Both cases the game stalls.

It is a master piece with a good story that only Bioware is adept with. Can’t wait to see how the story ends in the last sequel.


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