Toy Story 3

9 Pixar never disappoint me

I still remember the first time Buss Lightyear met Woody. How they have fought to show their fellow mates who the real boss was! It was hilarious, lighthearted and lovely. The toys ventured on the neighborhood, raced in between car wheels on the busy street and escaped toy-destroying Sid. It was a memorable movie. That day in 1995, 15 years back, Steve Jobs’s Pixar (while he was ousted by the Apple Board) inspired a whole industry: computerized animation film.

The last sequel of this legendary series. As if I was leaving an old friend, I felt heart wrenching to watch the movie. The film started with a series of home recorded videos that showed all the memorable times Andy had with his toys. Then Andy has grown up and he is going to decide what to do with his toys. The movie is packed with actions and hearty comedy. Events that unfold and took the toys to face evil toys, burning stove and garbage truck. It delivers a fast paced, rich and thoughtful story.

“they are very special to me, you are gonna promise that you going to take reeeaally good care of them”

It was heart warming at the end to see Andy and Bonnie playing together, like all the old times. Flying Buss, heroic Woody, Potato Head…they were having a good time, last time with Andy. Andy didn’t want Woody go, the soreness was written on his face. The feeling to part an old, important friend. I suddenly remembered how I played all these years. I realize how much I have taken others for granted and how much I have been self-centered. It is such a great feeling to love others and to be loved back. There are so many things I should and I can appreciate – I will not miss another chance to make someone feel special.

Buss and Woody, thanks for all the good times I had and lessons I learnt. It is a great movie.


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