We Are Family

7.0 Simply Moving


It reminds me a lot about my grandma. I remembered how she took care of me when I was small. She fed me, escorted me to school, bought clothes for me…I didn’t understand then that those daily simple actions were embodied so much love – love with sacrifice and no conditions. I remember how her wrinkled smile comforted me when I felt bad and I ungrateful made fun of her; I remembered how she tenderly held my hand and companied me to school while I was jumping to get away…It is a bit regretful that I couldn’t appreciate it more then. I wish I had done more to show how much I loved her too. It is too late now. She was stoke down with cancer and died many years ago.

When the movie started, I thought I must be another triangle love story. But no, the story is all about children. They fought for children, united for children and finally reconcile for children. Kajol played a strikingly moving character, full of flesh, ever sunshine smile and ever hiding sorrow. Her love for her children epitomized all motherly love – forever and always. Then she has to go. She has to leave her children to her ex-husband’s girlfriend. My stomach twisted a lot at the scene where she grasp her falling hair in front of the mirror. Kajol’s performance overshadowed all the other main characters. That complex expression has been so gracefully rendered. The children were made of all different molds: an angel like small daughter, a nerd like brother and a mature elder sister. There must have been a lot of fun to have a family water hose fight on the lawn!

I have to say some points I feel it has been overdone. Characters were too exhausted to express anything more affectionate. They looked pale comparing to the surroundings.

Overall, it is a nice movie. It constantly reminds me of the people who love me and the urgency of life. It is just so important to let the people you care to know that you DO. Time may not always be so generous as it seems. It goes without any prior notice. I felt really sad after the movie. I cried many times.


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