MJ the magic, the madness, the whole story


9.0 Mesmerizing Story

This 750 page book looked lot more like an Oxford dictionary. But it finished even before I realized that! It was such a wonderful read. There is one thing very distinguish about Mr. Taraborreli’s writing style. Simple, yet eloquent and beautiful. There is no complicated sentence, no obscure grammar structure and no fancy “big” word. I always wanted to read more and more, then all of a sudden, it reached the last page!

MJ is the best. When most artists celebrate a few millions of sales, he made it to 100 million; He was the tune of the past half a century. Heal the World, Beat it, Off the Wall have lingered around restaurants, radio stations and top song chart even today! In fact, very few of his songs didn’t touch the top music chart. His unparalleled talent and firing passion hypnotized millions of fans in every race on every continents. Signature moonwalk, high pitch voice and masterful choreography were forever embroidered into modern culture. Yet, no one really understood him.

MJ is a mystery. Was he a homosexual? by-sexual? Did he sleep in a gas chamber? How was his relationship with his wives? Did he abuse children? How did he develop his eerie personality? And how did a black boy from Gary, Indiana become the King of Pop?! It is not easy for the untrained eye to find truth from the massive and most of the times conflicting information. Anything about MJ has been speculated and distorted multiple folds and for too long.

Mr. Taraborreli did the impossible. The book led us walk MJ’s journey all the way from Gary, Indiana, from his 3 deck bulk beds to the expansive Neverland ranch. This book told the story from Jackson 5 on the family van touring nightclubs to Motown state tour to international icon. With microscopic details, anatomic precision and ingenious aesthetic, the author did a wonderful job to dissect facts from jigsaw and to reconstruct them. MJ’s childhood was incomplete. Frenzy popularity, sophisticated morality and tyrannical father did not do well to nurture his personality and value system. He was encouraged to lie at the age of 8 on the TV; he slept in the same room where his brothers had sex with their young fans; he grew separately from his peers…in return, he felt it was fine to lie for the sake of publicity; he was dubious about a deep, intimate and satisfying relationship with a female figure; he often quoted others as “normal people”. I rode a roller coaster to experience all the rises and falls of MJ. I felt pity on him. He was so lonely. Life didn’t give him much choice. I couldn’t help but pondering: what would have happened to him if he remained at Gary, Indiana? Will he be happier?

The book is thoroughly researched. Significant figures from MJ’s life were included in the book. Any controversy was critically analyzed from both different angle. Mr. Taraborreli has a long relationship with MJ and his family. He could give first account to many significant events in MJ’s life. Although Mr. Taraborreli tried his best to ponder the motive and reasoning behind, MJ was just too elusive. He had to guess.

It is an inspiring story jotted down by a lovely heart.


2 thoughts on “MJ the magic, the madness, the whole story

  1. Hi tornar,

    I have been reading you work, its amazing wow, you right with such passion and it is very touching.
    Well done, I really love all that you have written.
    Listen, do you have this book with as I would love to read it.

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