Kisaku Review

Location: Khaleej Palace Top Floor, Deira Dubai

Appx. price per head: AED 250 – 350 (will be much higher if with alcohol)

  • Ambiance: 6/10 bright and casual
  • Food: 6/10 simple, healthy and with great variety;
  • Customer Services: 8/10 attentive and courteous
  • Specialty: 9/10 authentic and healthy food
  • Value for Money: 6/10 it is quite a lot for petty portion
  • Overall: Good 6.6/10

Craving for some exotic food? An authentic Japanese restaurant might be a great choice. Japanese is renowned for its greatest number of centenarians which largely thanks to its healthy culinary. Although it can not be compared with lavishly seasoned South Asian dishes, it rubs a different side of taste buds: paradise for healthy food junkies.

The gate is decorated by the traditional 2 half closed curtains. 喜作, “Kisaku”, literally mean “happily crafting”, has been white brushed on the black curtain. On the other side of the curtain, it is not Dubai anymore.

いらしゃいます, “Irashaimasu”, a warmly bow to welcome every customer. Oriental writing and other ornaments decorated the entrance. Then in a warmly lighted ambiance, clusters of Japanese guests were having a family time; on the tebanyaki sitting, some other guests were “nommunicating” (nomu means drink in Japanese, combine it with communication). NHK played on two 52″ LCD on both end of the restaurant. Live cooking were entertaining customers on the Sushi bar and tebenyaki stove. Occasionally, laughter burst out from private quarters. The waiters were a true testimony to Japanese efficiency: they were running! Steaming food were rushed onto each dinning table. 

I have chosen the very Japanese way to have my dinner. Cold sake, Senchai (roasted tea) Nato, Tofu, Soban…things that we don’t get at any other “Japanese” restaurants in Dubai. 

Nato: Fermented Soybean served with Wasabi

Assorted Sushi

Fried Fish served with seaweed and ground radish

Jelly-like fried Tofu served with radish and soy sauce

Japanese Kebab of Chicken

Assorted Tempura (mainly vegetables)

Soban Noodle Soup

Soban Noodle served with Soy soup

Simple, plainly decorated and lightly seasoned, all the meat was so tender yet elastically stick together. Soy sauce, sea weed and wasabi are the regular ingredients. However, compare to South Asian cuisine, the taste is bland and with little variety; the garnish is rather plain compare to Italian.

Do expect anything spicy. Do not expect the taste vary very much from one another. Open your taste buds and try it out. Japanese food has lot more to offer than Sushi and prawn tempura.


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