Yamada San


Yamada San (山田さん)is one of the kindest men I have ever met. I have often called him Yamada teacher.

I have been learning Japanese from him for the past 2 years. He is ever patient. Like all inquisitive student, I ask questions. And I am notoriously known for asking lots of questions since I was in school. Many times I even forgot what he taught me yesterday and asked him again and again. He never frowned his face. He always answered every question with never exhaustive patience. He would even go length to explain extra things. Such essential quality for a teacher is now a rarity. I can’t thank him enough for that. I felt strongly encouraged to work hard.

Despite the frequent spat between China and Japan, we became very good friends. We used to eat out at restaurants around Dubai, seeing new places. Every time he came back from Japan, he would bring me my favorite Miyazaki’s movies and other Japanese books. Now I have a full rack of comic book, DVDs and grammar books.  We talk many topics: history, geography, food, beverage and ship. I found it very interesting to hear his experience in Latin America, America and Europe. Age barrier was never a problem between us.

He is close to his 60’s. But grey hair and forehead wrinkles did little to reduce his spirit. He slept for around 5 hours a day but he is always full of energy that can easily put a 20 year old to shame. He traveled to many places and can speak four different languages!

I thank him very much for all his extra effort to teach me and for all the kindness he gave to me. Now he has gone back to Japan and I really miss all the time he was teaching me. Hope we are going to meet each other soon.


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