My First Finance Job


Sitting in front of my dual monitors, fumbling logics among a whole stack of seemingly unrelated numbers, I could barely contain my excitement – This is not customer service, not accounting or marketing. I am actually working on a finance job! I am working in the TREASURY department in Emirates NBD bank.

On the 9th floor, my office awes any visitor with a stunning bird view to the curved, glass domed Dubai Festival City and its surroundings. The sapphire blue creek stretches down to the green patches near Dubai Golf Club. At times a white cruise ship sails through, leaving behind artistic white stripes which linger for long time. Then a white seagull with black tip wings graciously glides across the creek enjoying every bit of the beautiful scenery. On the other side of the window, we can see planes like giant falcons touch down on the runway. To the far side, residential buildings, trees, mosques dotted on the wide landscape where the sun rises in the morning. On a cloudless morning, the sky is heavenly golden; on a foggy morning, the whole city is veiled with mystery.

Unbeknownst  to the weary taxi drivers lined up down waiting for their customers, I started my first day of finance work.

Since young I love numbers. I was fascinated about finance in my college time – the thrill of trades, the mathematical beauty of valuation and power of investments. I studied hard to learn the magic of finance; however, I have never got a proper finance job until now. When I first stepped into the office, the fact that I am about to start a real finance job was overwhelming. It was like all the energy I had stored all the while were exploding. It boiled down to every nerve in my body – I was unleashing it.

Many thanks to my friend who helped me immensely for this opportunity. I will treasure this opportunity with all my soul.

Nov 2nd, this is the start.


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