Break Ke Baat


7.5 Dramatic

The actors did a wonderful job to patch things together – sweet, lighted hearted, humorous and thoughtful – all the right ingredients a comic movie should have. 

“If you want everything, how can you not get a little hurt?”

His aunt questioned him. Suddenly he understood he was just running in circles – he always knew where he was going. In a dramatic twist towards the end of the movie he gambled. He gambled right. A sweet and soul warming ending.

It started like a classic romantic story. A boy and a girl grew up together like peas and carrot. When she danced with her walkman, he used his pencil box to reflect dance lights for her; when she was saddened by her parents’ separation, he cheered her up; when she felt confused, he accompanied her in the little sanctuary under the table. They were two movie freaks! Naturally, everyone thought they would get married. But things went the opposite way.

They grew up. He was mature and courteous; she was carefree and spoilt. She was so determined to be different, to be independent and to achieve a career in acting that she cared little about everyone around, including him. He didn’t complain. He always stood beside her and supported her (he even folded her bra!). However well prepared his proposal lines were, never did he muster enough courage to actually do it.

The actress Deepika effortlessly made the character alive! She was rebellious, independent and bold. Imran played a very lovely role who didn’t want to give up his love no matter how much he was hurt. By the way, that is easy to act since he didn’t really need to do anything other than putting up a stern face!

He crossed the ocean to be with her. Although she was determined to break up with him, he was equally determined to win her back! Behind the taxi wheels driving people around the town, he rediscovered himself: his passion in life, his talent as a chef and his unfaltering love. However, she was not moved and he was confused. In a quick sequence of events, things were moving apart like shattering glasses. He was getting married. Lively colors, cheerful crowd, lavish decoration, he was all prepared to get married! Now she was troubled and all seemed lost.

Smartly scripted dialogues, youthful theme, an dramatic love story that should not be missed this year.


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