One Week Into 2011

Sour legs, soaking-wet Tshirt, I played until I could barely catch my breath. A deafening plane occasionally stroke the dark bleached sky. It flew so low and so slow that either I could hit it with my basketball or it would crush land on the basketball court by itself.

Some random thoughts, a few broken new year resolutions, a satisfying basketball game were the things I got the first week of 2011.

2010 was a significant year. A lot of things happened at both professional and personal end. I had quit my job before I did something on my own. I have ventured into businesses that I should not have, or at least I should have approached it differently had I know the result. Things were falling apart from all directions. I still remember the churning in my stomach due to an overwhelming, inexplicable stressfulness. Then I got an offer to work on something I really interested – Finance. “1102” or November 2nd was the first day of my work. I still clearly remember my excitement the first time I went into the office.

Although the professional side is turbulent, the personal side is nurturing and fulfilling. I understood better my responsibilities, my priorities, my strength and my weakness. I had so much fun that it was almost criminal. I manage to keep in touch with many of my old friends while making some new ones. I can’t thank enough all the friends who helped me last year. They are the catalysts for my growth.

Will there be any resolution left unbroken by the end of 2011? Let us see:)


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