A few rain drops secretly tapped on my window, whispering eagerly the millions of stories they heard across the ocean. Soon the window was veiled with a mysterious mosaic. Within minutes, the world was coated with tens of thousands of flickering white reflections – like grins. The harsh edges of the teeming city was suddenly softened. The surroundings became more humane and more approachable. Less the hurried drivers and ear-piercing brake screeching, everything slowed down by the rain on that lazy weekend afternoon. It was the harmony that no one wanted to tear apart.

As I leisurely sped on the highway, driving away from the city; rain hit hard on the windshield…

badadaa, badadada, badabada…

There was a heartfelt coolness, freshness, joyfulness and the unmistakable smell of earth. White cotton clouds blanketed the sky just thick enough so that rain can dominate the day. The intermittent rain was like a spoiled kid seeking attention: sometimes heavy, sometimes tender; sometimes it brought to an abrupt stop only to start pouring again five minutes later. It rejoiced unreservedly. So did I.

That gleefulness was contagious. I never missed a chance to splash water on the road – not a single water pool was spared! Soon the car besides mine also joined the rank, though I doubted if it was more of a revenge than of gleefulness. Shadows of mountains meandered at each side of the road, extending grandly towards the horizon. After a few turns in between the mountains, finally the view was unblocked – I reached sea. The navy blue sea mingled very well with the grayish sky. A few white sails lingered slowly just to add a poetic touch. Under the misty rain, everything was a bit blurred, a bit unreal and a bit dissolving as if a painter used a sponge to mix all the lines.

Never get enough of watching the rain, hearing the droplets and feeling the tremble.

Rain is one of the things I learnt to appreciate only after I grow older. Magically, things as simple, as plain and as common as rain actually had a lot to offer. It touches the very inner part of the soul.

Soothing, calming and fulfilling.


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